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"That lake was a truly special place.

The place my daughter loved the most.

I felt it was where her soul belonged...

Sometimes, intense feelings...

...may, at times, transform into madness."

Image by Ronaldo de Oliveira

Original Title: 朱鞠 (Shumari)

International Title: SHUMARI

Duration: 120 minutes (estimated)

Production Company: No Saint & Bloom Co., Ltd. 

Genre: Suspense, Human Drama

Director & Screenplay: Toshihiko Tanaka

We are currently seeking co-production, worldwide sales,

distribution, and investors for our production slated for 2025.

"Shumari" is derived from the largest and oldest artificial lake in Japan, the “Lake Shumari-nai,” located in the Hokkaido region. Shumari-nai has recorded the lowest temperature in Japan's history at -41.2 degrees Celsius.

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